Medical Aesthetics

Feeling more confident and looking refreshed and rejuvenated can be as easy as a few simple treatments at Vitality Medi Spa. As Halifax’s only medi spa with a dedicated in-house medical aesthetics team, we design customized treatment plans to provide you with beautiful, natural-looking results. We know that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, and with medical aesthetics from Vitality, it’s more discreet and comfortable than ever to feel more youthful, rested and beautiful.

Our medical aesthetics offerings include a variety of non-surgical treatments including specialized anti-aging packages, dermal and lip fillers, and non-surgical skin tightening. We also offer a range of clinical options such as blue light acne and hyperhidrosis treatment. Our skilled laser technicians can even help you remove or diminish the appearance of any unwanted tattoos.

Personalized Treatment at Vitality Medi Spa

We all get older, but not everyone ages in the same way. The approach at Vitality Medi Spa is to provide all patients with a personalized treatment plan to yield the natural-looking, subtle results that lead to a more youthful, rested and pleasingly attractive appearance. Dr. van Aardt strives to minimize signs of treatment while making all procedures as comfortable as possible.

From treatments which improve your complexion to anti-aging options that can prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (or even prevent them in the future), our range of non-invasive medical services are based on your individual needs and highlight your natural beauty.

Medical Aesthetics Options

Cosmetic treatments have come a long way since they were first introduced. Modern treatments result in natural-looking outcomes, and because they are non-surgical, they do not require any downtime. You’ll find that some treatments in our central Halifax medi spa take as little as 15 minutes, and enable patients to return immediately to their regular activities without any telltale signs. Treatments available include:

Wrinkle Treatments

BOTOX®, Dysport® and Xeomin® are effective and popular wrinkle treatment options. These neuromodulators help address and halt the cause of “dynamic wrinkles”, which occur when you make certain facial expressions.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, we naturally lose volume in our skin. Dermal Fillers help restore the volume you’ve lost, helping to bring back your youthful features with a comfortable, non-surgical treatment.

Lip Fillers

A simple change like fuller lips can have such a positive impact on your confidence. At Vitality, we use products like JUVÉDERM® to help achieve subtle, lasting results.

Acne Treatment

Acne is an uncomfortable condition to live with. Our blue light laser acne treatments help address severe cases.

V2 Skin Boosters

Our V2 Skin Booster is an injectable hydration treatment, for rejuvenating dry, dull skin affected by fine lines and wrinkles.

Laser Skin Treatments

Laser treatments reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun spots, and even rosacea or spider veins, helping you increase your confidence and restore your natural beauty.

Laser Tattoo Removal

With laser tattoo removal, an unwanted tattoo can be a thing of the past. Throughout a series of laser treatments, tattoos becoming increasingly less visible.


Excessive sweating can be difficult and stressful to live with. Our hyperhidrosis treatment is a proven temporary solution for this condition.

Youthful Face Rejuvenation

Our Youthful Face Rejuvenation packages incorporate several techniques to provide pleasing, subtle changes. This treatment results in a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

A treatment to repair and reverse aging in your skin or stimulate hair regrowth by having your own body do the work.

Emsculpt Neo

The newest technology designed to eliminate fat cells and build muscle non-invasively. Emsculpt Neo builds off the legacy of its predecessor, Emsculpt, by simultaneously emitting both Radio Frequency (RF) heating and High-Intensity Focus Electro Magnetic (HIFEM) energies.

Dr. Renier van Aardt

Dr. Renier van AardtVitality Medi Spa is the only medi spa in Halifax with a dedicated medical aesthetics team. We offer a full range of services to provide you with beautiful, discreet results. Dr. van Aardt creates customized treatment plans for all patients, and is supported by a team of clinical estheticians and trained laser technicians.

As former President of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. van Aardt often lectures and trains other physicians. He is maintains a high-level of expertise in cosmetic medical treatments through his partnerships with industry leaders, and has developed several techniques for effectively delivering results that patients love. Dr. van Aardt was also the first medical aesthetics physician in Nova Scotia to offer many services, including Emsculpt Neo, PDT, IPL and Volumalift.

Don’t wait any longer to see how Dr. van Aardt can help you look and feel renewed. Schedule a consultation at our conveniently located central Halifax medi spa today!

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Feel Better, Feel More Confident

Vitality has designed our range of medical aesthetic treatments to help you address areas that you are self-conscious about without the risks or recovery time associated with invasive treatments or surgery. All of our medical aesthetics treatments are great complements to our spa services, and we offer many packages to help you achieve the total rejuvenation you deserve. Schedule your consultation today, and find out how tailored treatments can help you gain a more refreshed, youthful appearance.

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