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Restore Smooth Skin With Skin Tightening Treatments

There has been a revolution in skin tightening that has made it more accessible, not requiring medication or downtime. Supple, natural-looking skin is easier to achieve than ever before!

With industry-leading treatments such as ThermiSmooth® and ThermiTight®, patients can achieve maximal skin tightening results while scheduling treatments in the middle of their day instead of taking time off for surgical procedures and recovery.

The treatments are designed to stimulate your body’s own processes to produce new collagen, making non-surgical and virtually painless face lifts and tummy tucks possible. These treatments are:

  • ThermiSmooth® treats loose skin, wrinkles, excessive fatty tissue and cellulite in common spots such as the face, neck, thighs, flanks and stomach.
  • ThermiTight® treats more extreme laxity of the lower face and neck, including jowls and sub-mental fat plus body areas such as love handles, arms, above knee and abdomen

Choose Dr. van Aardt at Vitality for Skin Tightening Treatments

Dr. Van Aardt was the first physician to offer ThermiSmooth® radio-frequency skin tightening in Nova Scotia in 2002 and has personally performed over 3,000 treatments. He was the first physician in Canada to adopt the latest radio frequency technology for skin tightening and slimming, known as ThermiSmooth (NewEra®), taking results and ease of treatment to the next level.

Restore Your Youthful Skin at Vitality

A consultation is important before any treatments are performed so that a customized treatment plan can be designed to achieve your desired results.

When you have your complimentary consultation at Vitality, you will receive:

  • A physical assessment
  • A recommendation on a custom treatment plan to achieve your desired results

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