Laser Hair Removal & Waxing


Laser hair removal and waxing from Vitality Medi Spa ensures you stay smoother for longer. At Vitality Medi Spa, conveniently located on Doyle Street in Halifax, our highly trained aestheticians, and laser hair removal technicians provide both waxing and laser hair removal to keep you feeling smoother for longer.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the easiest way to minimize the appearance of unwanted hair and achieve long-term hair reduction. At Vitality, our laser hair removal technicians use IPL, or intense pulsed light, to dramatically reduce hair growth. IPL technology emits multiple light wavelengths the are absorbed by pigment in hair follicles as heat. The heat then kills the cell that grows the hair.

Hair grows in three phases: anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the renewal phase), and telogen (the resting phase). All three phases happen at once, meaning that the hairs on your body are simultaneously growing, renewing and resting. As IPL targets the hair follicles, the targeted hair must be in the growth phase. To ensure that laser hair removal is effective, treatments are conducted in a cycle of typically 8 to 12 treatments, so that all hairs are targeted multiple times over the course of treatment.

IPL hair removal works most effectively on darker hairs and clients with fair skin. Book your consultation today—our laser hair removal technicians in downtown Halifax are looking forward to creating a customized treatment plan to help you permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted hair!

Laser Hair Removal Services

Services Price
Glabella (between the brows) $42.20
Ears (both) $47.70
Nose $42.20
Upper Lip $63.70
Chin $69.00
Upper Lip & Chin $132.70
Side Burns $100.80
Full Lower Face $185.70
Front or Nape of Neck $100.80
Sternum (between the breast) $69.00
Areola $106.10
Full Chest (shoulders to pubic line) $371.30
Abdomen $185.70
Hands (finger to wrist bone) $69.00
Sacrum (lower back) $122.00
Under arms (both) $100.80
Forearms (elbow to wrist bone) $159.10
Upper Arms $159.10
Full Arms $265.20
Full Back $371.30
Tops of Feet $63.70
Toes (both feet) $47.70
Pubic Line $53.00
Swim Bikini $159.10
Thong Bikini $212.20
Full Bikini/Brazilian $265.20
Inner Thigh Triangle $159.10
Upper Legs $265.20
Lower Legs $238.70
Full Leg & Swim Bikini $610.00
Hair removal surrealism art.

Waxing Hair Removal

Waxing is one of the most popular and easiest ways to remove unwanted hair. At Vitality, we use a combination of soft strip wax and hard wax so any area of hair growth on the face and body can be conveniently and quickly removed.

Waxing removes the hair from the root, unlike shaving which removes the hair at the surface, meaning the results last longer. After a wax, the feeling of smooth skin typically last for 3 to 6 weeks of hair-free comfort, depending on the speed of your hair regrowth.

For most parts of the body, we recommend ensuring that hair is an eighth to a quarter of an inch long (or a third to a sixth of a centimetre). This helps make waxing more comfortable, and helps the wax better capture the hair from the root. Book your waxing service now!

Waxing Services

Service Price
Brow $17.50-21.60
Lip $14.20
Chin $14.20
Lip & Chin $24.00
Sides of Face $24.00
Full Face $38.20
Half Arm (upper or lower) $34.90-43.70
Full Arm $45.90-54.60
Underarms $21.80-30.60
Lwr Half leg $37.20-45.90
Upr Half leg $42.60-51.40
Full Leg $67.80-76.50
Swim Bikini $29.50-38.20
French Bikini $40.50-49.10
Brazilian $54.60
Lwr Half Leg & Swim Bikini $53.60-62.30
Lwr Half Leg & French Bikini $62.30-71.10
Lwr Half Leg & Brazilian Bikini $73.20-82.00
Upr Half Leg & Swim Bikini $54.60-63.30
Upr Half Leg & French Bikini $64.50-73.20
Upr Half Leg & Brazilian Bikini $75.40-84.20
Full Leg & Swim Bikini $84.20-92.90
Full Leg & French Bikini $92.90-101.70
Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini $103.80-112.60