All You Have To Do Is Ask

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All You Have To Do Is Ask

by: Dawn Viney, Master Stylist/Color Specialist

Arrrrg! Another bad hair day. Have you ever woke up in the morning and said these words? So why are you torturing yourself? We can turn your bad hair days into fabulous.

Here are some easy tricks to give you great looking hair all year long.

Trick 1: Braids! Why not try one? Braids are very trendy and an easy way to pull a look together – especially when your 9-5 turns into an after 5 commitment. You can do a full head braid or a small designated braid. If you feel all thumbs when it comes to braiding your own hair, book an appointment with your stylist for some helpful hints, we love to help our clients get the look they want.

If braiding doesn’t peak your interest, maybe it’s as simple as trying trick number 2, new hair products. Hair can get a little crazy with a change of season so you may need a little extra help. There are a variety of great Kerastase products to help with frizzy, flat, or fly away hair. Come in for a complimentary consultation, so we can access your hair care needs.

Don’t think braids or product will fit the bill then try trick number 3. Why not go for a hair make over? Go a little lighter, go a little darker, or go a little shorter. Change can be a great thing and no better time before the holidays. You don’t have to suffer through this winter with another bad hair day.

What have we learnt today? Your stylist is here to help you, all you have to do is ask.

Remember tomorrow is a new day and a new day means a Great Hair day.