Acne Treatment

Reduce the Signs of Acne With Blue Light Treatment

Acne is a common but frustrating skin condition that impacts people of all ages. In many cases, acne is thought to be genetic, and its side effects—including blemishes, whitehead, blackheads, greasy skin or even scarring—can cause considerable distress to those affected. Dr. van Aardt and the dedicated medical aesthetics team at Vitality Medi Spa in Halifax understand how frustrating acne can be, and how damaging it can be to confidence and self-esteem. Let us create a customized blue light acne treatment plan to help you minimize the appearance of acne.

Acne Treatment laser skin treatment Vitality Medi-Spa Halifax NS

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Blue Light Therapy for Acne Treatment

At Vitality Medi Spa, we offer a range of acne treatments, including Blue Light Therapy (BLU-U®) and BLU-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy, Photo Rejuvenation, and Photodynamic Therapy. BLU-U Light Therapy is a very specific blue light that kills the bacteria that cause skin to break out. BLU-U Light Therapy is an effective way to address moderate acne, and for some patients can be an alternative to medication. BLU-U Blue Light Illuminator supports other efforts to treat acne.

Safe, Comfortable Acne Treatment Options

These treatments are safe and painless, and don’t require any downtime. Once your session has ended, you can carry on with your activities as normal. In most cases, the course of treatment takes place over five weeks, and session last for 30 minutes each, once or twice a week.

Our approach to acne treatment is to begin with a proper diagnosis. Following this, our team will create a step-by-step plan to achieve the desired results. Finally, through regular followups, our team will monitor your results and make recommendations to help you keep your skin looking healthy and clear. By following the recommended treatment plan and advice from our physician, it is possible to maintain and improve your results for long periods of time.

Stop fighting with your skin—book your consultation with Dr. van Aardt today and discover how you can reduce the appearance of acne to feel more confident. You’ll find us conveniently located on Doyle Street in Halifax.

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