Clinical Skin Therapies

Primary Cleansing Treatment

This 60 minute deep cleansing treatment will allow us to assess your skin and prepare it for a clinical plan of action to deal with your individual skin care needs.

Vitality Signature Facial

Our signature customized treatment is designed by your skin therapist just for you. Your service includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, a nourishing facial and neck massage and mask application.
1 hour

Clinical Peels

Complimentary Skin Consultation is required before booking. Your medical esthetician will choose the peel that is appropriate for your skin. Peels are great for all skin types and can treat a variety of skin concerns.
45 min


Revitalize your complexion with an exfoliation technique that uses a diamond abrasive tip with suction, which removes blackheads and improves skin texture. Complete your treatment with a hydration mask and finishing cream.
45 min


Reveal impressive, immediate results on dull, lackluster skin with this quick and effective exfoliation technique. Dermaplaning is an advanced form of exfoliation with the additional benefit of vellus hair removal. Dermaplaning is a wonderful addition to any peel or facial and also yields bold and beautiful results as a service of its own. Our clinical estheticians, trained by our in-house medical aesthetics physician, use a surgical scalpel to abrade the surface of the skin, which encourages product penetration and creates a supple, luminous complexion.
30 min
Service Add-on 20 min


For improving skin texture, minor scars and fine lines, microneedling is a treatment option that stimulates a healing response in the skin, leading to collagen growth and remodelling.

Typically a series of six treatments are performed 4 to 7 days apart to trigger and ramp up growth factor release within the skin. Although needle rollers have been used for a number of years, we prefer using electric microneedling pens for less discomfort, while precisely performing many more tiny pokes for a robust repair trigger. Pre-treatment skin preparation includes topical numbing cream, to allow for a near painless treatment experience. It’s typical for the skin to be flushed, along with minor discomfort afterwards, but it is short lived. Continual improvement can occur for months following a course of treatment. Often PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is combined with microneedling for a substantial boost in the end result.
Full Face 1hour
Partial Face 45min

Back Facial

Customized treatment for your back to remedy a variety of skin concerns. Deep cleansing, exfoliation and back massage, and mask application included.

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