Clinical Skin Therapies

Primary cleansing treatment

This 60 minute deep cleansing treatment will allow us to assess your skin and prepare it for a clinical plan of action to deal with your individual skin care needs.
1hour | $73.20 – 94.50

Clinical peels

A complimentary clinical skin consultation or a Primary Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment is required before booking.

Clinical skin peel plus: 45 min $89.80-107.10
Series of 6 Clinical skin peels $449.40-535.80
RX Infusion peel: 60 min $114.70-136.90
Series of 6 RX Infusion peel $573.60-684.00
Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion: 45 min $154.50
Series of 6 Microdermabrasion $514.00
Maintenance peel: 30 min $54.90-65.40
Radiance peel: 45 min $158.40
Jessner’s peel: 45 min 191.30
Dermaplaning $60 ($30 as a service add-on)
Microdermabrasion Treatment Vitality Medi Spa Halifax NS