Clinical Skin Therapies

Primary cleansing treatment

This 60 minute deep cleansing treatment will allow us to assess your skin and prepare it for a clinical plan of action to deal with your individual skin care needs.
1hour | $73.20 – 94.50


For improving skin texture, minor scars and fine lines, microneedling is a treatment option that stimulates a healing response in the skin, leading to collagen growth and remodelling.
Typically a series of six treatments are performed 4 to 7 days apart to trigger and ramp up growth factor release within the skin. Although needle rollers have been used for a number of years, we prefer using electric microneedling pens for less discomfort, while precisely performing many more tiny pokes for a robust repair trigger. Pre-treatment skin preparation includes topical numbing cream, to allow for a near painless treatment experience. It’s typical for the skin to be flushed, along with minor discomfort afterwards, but it is short lived. Continual improvement can occur for months following a course of treatment. Often PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is combined with microneedling for a substantial boost in the end result.
Full Face 1hour | $300
Partial Face 45min | $200

Clinical peels

A complimentary clinical skin consultation or a Primary Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment is required before booking.

Brilliance Facial with peel: 60 min $114.70-136.90
Rejuvenating Microdermabrasion: 45 min $154.50
Radiance peel: 45 min $158.40
Jessner’s peel: 45 min 191.30
Dermaplaning $60 ($30 as a service add-on)
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