Lip Fillers

Achieve Luscious, Fuller Lips in Just 15 Minutes!

Full lips have always been associated with beauty and youth. For many people who weren’t born with plump lips, there are fortunately many ways to get natural-looking, fuller lips. At Vitality Medi Spa in Halifax, we use the most advanced lip fillers available, including JUVÉDERM®, to give you beautiful results that will make a huge impact on your overall appearance and confidence.

Delicately Plump and Smooth Your Lips With Lip Fillers

Lip fillers have seen incredible advancements since they were first introduced. Products like JUVÉDERM make it quick and easy to restore lost volume or delicately enhance your lips. Made of hyaluronic acid to mimic the hyaluronic acid the body produces naturally, lip fillers bond with the water in your skin to produce plumper-looking lips. These lip injections don’t attract water (they are less hydrophilic than many other options), so the chances of bruising or swelling after your treatment are lower. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® has been designed specifically to be gentle on the sensitive lip area and includes pain-reducing lidocaine.

As a non-surgical option, lip injections are a quick and relatively pain-free way to make lips appear fuller. By injecting small amounts of gel filler into targeted areas, the results are understated but will certainly be noticeable for all of the right reasons. At Vitality, we use JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA to help our patients achieve the results they’re looking for. This groundbreaking product is designed to last longer than any other product on the market. It also works beyond the lip area, helping to gently plump the lip borders and enhance what’s known as the Cupid’s Bow, or the top edge of the upper lip.

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Lunchtime Lips Treatment

To help make it even more convenient to achieve fuller lips, we have created a unique option for lip fillers. Our Lunchtime Lips treatment enables busy patients to visit us over their lunch hour (or any time they have 15 minutes!), receive treatment, and head back to work without missing a beat. Thanks to Dr. van Aardt’s approach and technique, visible signs of treatment will be minimized. Treatment can be repeated as required to achieve the desired fullness.  

Personalized Treatment

At Vitality, our customized treatment plans are designed by Dr. van Aardt, our dedicated in-house physician and President of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. van Aardt is one of the highest ranked JUVÉDERM physicians in Canada. With decades of experience and thousands of treatments under his belt, you’ll benefit from the state-of-the-art approaches he has developed to improve results and minimize side effects.

You no longer need to feel self-conscious about your lips. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. van Aardt today and discover for yourself the beautiful impact that subtle-change lip injections can have.