Lost in a Laser Labyrinth?

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Lost in a Laser Labyrinth?

Lost in a Laser Labyrinth? Steer your path with this guide

by: Jenny Veinotte
Licensed Lead Clinical Esthetican/Certified Laser Technician/Assistant to President of CAAM

Shopping for laser services, whether its hair removal, vein treatment, tattoo removal or countless others can feel like a maze. This is largely because there is no clear legislation or approved standard in Canada for the performance of laser related aesthetic services therefore, creating grey areas filled with frustration, confusion and even possible dangers to clients. To ensure success on your laser quest, consider these three aspects.

Lasers have become increasingly user friendly, with pre-set settings and manufacture supplied guidelines. Unfortunately, with increased simplicity comes the increases of risk. This is why understanding your providers’ background and credentials are imperative to your safety and success. Individuals with aesthetic and health care backgrounds are best equipped with the knowledge of laser light and skin histology interaction. Seek out certification through an Aesthetic Institution, Equipment manufacture or a physician. When it comes to education in the medical aesthetics industry, more is always better!

Our time and money, as consumers, are major contributors in our decision making process. However, when it comes to seeking laser treatments your consultation should consist of much more than these two topics. An in depth and honest conversation surrounding health history regarding candidacy, risks and expectations should take place prior to a physical assessment of the area (makeup free). An average consultation generally takes 30 minutes to cover all aspects of treatment including assessment and Q&A.

Lastly, ask yourself the most important question you can while seeking out invasive and non-invasive laser treatments. Do I feel comfortable? As the recipient of treatment, your comfort should come above all else. Ask yourself, was the location clean and relaxing? Am I feeling clarity or confusion? Am I leaving feeling rushed? Your experience with lasers should be as pleasant as possible. Seek out a clinic that encourages you to feel valued, safe and stress free.

Hopefully this has helped shine a light on the right path for you within the complex network that the laser industry can be. With new clinics popping up on every corner, look for credentials, quality consultations and comfort.

You now have the tools to embark on your journey, shall you choose to accept it.

– Helpful Halifax Laser Nerd