Dr. Renier van Aardt

Cosmetic Physician

Cosmetic Medical treatments have evolved greatly in the past two decades since Dr Van Aardt entered this fascinating area of practice in Nova Scotia, now licensed and also working in New Brunswick and Ontario. Along his career path, Dr. van Aardt continually strives for excellence in his field, keeping current and educating colleagues. He has served on the board of the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine since 2007, has served a tenure as President of the Association and continues to contribute. In addition to teaching, he lectures at conferences and advises Industry partners about the latest procedures and techniques, allowing him to maintain a high level of expertise in his practice.

Dr Van Aardt was born in South Africa, completed his medical degree and residency in Cape Town before moving to Atlantic Canada in 1993. Having acquired skills in surgery and anesthesiology in South Africa, he was able to apply those well while working in remote parts of Newfoundland, but needed more professional stimulation besides the ER and family practice after moving to Nova Scotia. In 1999 Dr Van Aardt started learning from the best minds in the cosmetic medical and dermatological field in Canada and internationally to apply in his practice and expand into the area of Aesthetic Medicine; he holds a diploma of Aesthetic Medicine through the Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine, is a Fellow of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery and is Board Certified in Family Practice. 

To learn more about Dr. van Aardt please click here: https://drvanaardt.com/